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A refreshing pint of Black Donnellys Brewing Company Roman Line Lager beer.

Roman Line Lager

The beer that started it all! A crisp, golden lager brewed in a traditional style with all-natural ingredients. It’s bright flavour and floral undertones end with a smooth, clean finish.

4.6% | 20 IBU

Dark Horse Ale

A clean, refreshing, traditional dark ale with a slightly malty finish. Easy drinking and highly enjoyable.


5.0% | 17 IBU

A refreshing pint of Black Donnellys Brewing Company Vigilante Sessionable IPAbeer.

Vigilante Session IPA

This sessionable ale is dry-hopped with Amarillo, Lotus, and Calypso. Citrus notes and refreshing west coast flavours make it a beer worthy of returning to again and again.  

4.5% | 30 IBU

Honey Blonde Ale 

Respect the Bee(r)! A true main stay summer beer! Light and clean is the perfect way to describe this beer. We use 30 lbs of local honey in every batch for that touch of sweetness.

4.1% | 15 IBU

Whalen Line Wheat

A traditional German Wheat beer! This beer derives all of its flavour from our specifically choose yeast! Highly carbonated, with hints of Banana and Clove and a unfiltered finish! This beer is perfect for a hot summer day.

5.6% | 15 IBU

1880 Milk Stout

Dark and Delicious! A full-bodied stout with roasted coffee and dark chocolate notes. Everything you could ever want in a dark beer with the addition of Milk Sugar, making it that much sweeter!

5.3% | 35 IBU

Biddulph’s Hazy IPA 

Just like it sounds, Biddulph’s Hazy IPA has a foggy appearance and is full of flavour. An extra hop taste like most IPA’s. is cloudy look packs a refreshing fruity hint after-taste. A step up in both alcohol, and bitterness from our Vigilante IPA.

6.0% | 27 IBU

Shillelagh Law Belgian Quad

Our strongest alcohol content in the Donnelly Family of beers. This dark full body and delicious beer has a malty sweet flavour, and medium-low bitterness with a hint of caramel. A great drink to share over the holidays!

8.0% | 28 IBU

Beer Prices

Size 6 x 473ml 12 x 473ml 24 x 473ml Keg x 20L Keg x 30L Keg x 50L
Price $23.00 $40.00 $69.00 $110.00 $145.00 $220.00
  • Prices include taxes.
  • A $75 deposit is required for all kegs.
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